ALPES is a company dedicated to the production of specific pathogen free (SPF) poultry, founded by Dr. Miguel Romero Sanchez in 1974. Its purpose is to satisfy the requirements of SPF chicken embryos and fertile eggs for the pharmaceutical industry, diagnostic laboratories and avian pathology research centers.

ALPES (acronym of Aves Libres de Patógenos Específicos) is a unique company that has been developing an important export activity for more than two decades.

SPF eggs come from flocks that have proven to be free of the main pathogenic agents that affect the poultry industry, complying with regulations stated in the most important international entities for producing biologics, diagnosis and research.

ALPES is currently capable of producing nearly ten million SPF eggs to satisfy the growing requirements of its customers in Mexico and other markets worldwide.

ALPES is registered in the FDA as a definitive export company to the United States of America.

Its production facilities are located in a 200 metric hectare area with seven poultry houses with a capacity of up to nine thousand females each, a buffer station and incubation facilities for flock replacements, an incubator to produce up to 160 thousand embryos per week and an intermediate biosecurity station.

ALPES has been working with a Quality Management System for more than a decade based on ISO 9001:2008, obtaining highly satisfactory results that have allowed it continuous consecutive certifications